The Secret Garden

After being nominated for Tesco’s bags for help project HCCA has managed to secure £10,000 to proceed and create a secret garden at the back of the centre. So a huge thanks to Tesco, Groundworks and everyone who voted. Watch this space for updates on the progress for the Secret Garden, thank you.

The Secret Garden project will aim to transform the small overgrown green space at the back of the centre into a sensory garden where people can socialise and enjoy a peaceful relaxed environment. This will be done by placing a door in allowing you to enter the garden from the main foyer. First though a huge clear out must take place where all the overgrown plants are pulled out and the rubbish  removed. The Space will then have the mural recovered and put on full display, met with the introduction of brightly coloured  and scented flowers, with benches dotted around for people to sit at and enjoy the new area.

We at HCCA have some upsetting news to share. In June the HCCA garden was broken into and vandalized with items stolen such as the children’s fairy garden. We feel a great amount of distress that this act has occurred as the garden was only renovated in 2017. We would be incredibly grateful to anyone who would be willing to donate plants or help tidy the garden so the children’s story time sessions with the Holbrooks library can recommence.

Before work

But as it stands the garden is a long way off with it being very overgrown; littered with rubbish and trash. so we need lots of volunteers to come forward from the community to help transform the area into a welcoming green space and reveal the mural. Here are some photos to show the state of the garden before any work:

During Renovation

The renovation of the Secret Garden is well under way, the weeds and rubbish has been removed and paving slabs replaced. A brilliant new fence has been put up around the garden and its really surprising how much space there is once its been cleared.

Garden Progress 1



The work on the secret garden is complete and is awaiting the final aesthetic touches. The work in clearing the area has been completed and the huge amount of rubbish that amounted to 45 BAGS FULL OF FALLEN LEAVES, 5 BLACK BIN BAGS OF CANS AND BOTTLES, AND 2 SKIPS has been cleared . It wont be long now until the garden is complete so please watch this page for another update soon.